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Solving Discord proxy needs

Discord’s risk control mechanism is very strict and can easily lead to account bans and restricted access. By rotating proxies, ScrapingBypass Proxy provides you with over 90 million proxies, ensuring you can always find a Residential Proxy address to evade bans, stay active in the Web3 realm, and avoid account blocks.

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Solve Discord proxy needs
The necessity of Discord proxy

The necessity of Discord proxy

Reasons for choosing a ScrapingBypass Proxy include:
Account localization: Use a proxy to bypass geographical restrictions, connect to the country or region of your choice, and enjoy Discord.
Privacy and Security: Hide sensitive information and protect your IP address with Rotating Residential Proxy to ensure privacy and security.
Manage Multiple Accounts: Easily surpass the limits of Discord by using a single Residential Proxy and use hundreds of accounts every day, perfect for other social media platforms.

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Easy integration and high-quality proxies

ScrapingBypass Proxy provides a simple and easy-to-use integration method with 99.99% uptime, freeing you from complex integration and request solutions. By purchasing a ScrapingBypass Proxy, you solve the problems of IP blocking and network restrictions. Whether it is through Rotating Residential Proxy rotation or selecting a Data Center Proxy, your connection is guaranteed to be smooth and stable.

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Easy to integrate with high-quality proxies

The excellence of ScrapingBypass Proxy Rotating proxy

Suitable for data collection and the needs of individual Internet users

Unlimited threads unlimited bandwidth

Unlimited threads and unlimited bandwidth

No matter which plan you choose, you will get unlimited concurrent threads and unlimited Rotating Proxy bandwidth, which is perfect for batch multi-tasking work.

Random IP or sticky IP

Random Proxy or sticky Proxy

You can use quick rotation to randomize or keep sticky sessions for up to 2 hours, or you can set the Rotating Proxy time limit through the API.

City-level high-density IP positioning

City-level high-density Proxy positioning

Our Proxy network covers more than 200 countries around the world, and you can target any country/region or city.

Support HTTP and Socks5 protocols

Supported protocols

ScrapingBypass Proxy global rotating Proxy supports HTTP and Socks5 protocols, and is characterized by high speed, stability and high anonymity.

99% IP availability

99% Proxy availability

The success rate of Proxy availability reaches more than 99%, and the average delay is less than 200 milliseconds, ensuring the efficiency of each data collection.

Data package will never expire

The data traffic package never expires

All traffic packages have no time limit, and the traffic purchased once will never expire.

How to Extract proxy via API

How to purchase and extract ScrapingBypass Proxy

Step 1

Register your ScrapingBypass Proxy account:
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Step 2

Purchase and extract the IP type you need:
Residential Proxy/Data Center Proxy

Step 3

Easily integrate ScrapingBypass Proxy with your most commonly used software configurations and scripts

.. ScrapingBypass Proxy Global Rotating Proxy Location

We have more than 90 Million Residential Proxy and Data Center Proxy around the world. With the help of the most advanced proxy servers, we can solve the IP restriction problems you may encounter in network applications


Number of countries

90 Million+

Total number of available IPs


Proxy average delay


Proxy available success rate

Top 12 countries in terms of proxy area usage

We provide city-level geographical location positioning in more than 200 countries and regions around the world, covering more than 90 Million proxy nodes to meet your Proxy needs in these countries



American Rotating Proxy

Canadian IPs


Canada Rotating Proxy



UK Rotating Proxy

France IPs


France Rotating Proxy

Germany IPs


Germany Rotating Proxy

Japanese IPs


Japan Rotating Proxy

Korea IPs


Korea Rotating Proxy

Myanmar IPs


Myanmar Rotating Proxy

Vietnam IPs


Vietnam Rotating Proxy

Indian IPs


India Rotating Proxy

Mexico IPs


Mexico Rotating Proxy

Brazilian IPs


Brazil Rotating Proxy
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