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Why choose ScrapingBypass Proxy to meet the fingerprint browser’s demand for IP quality

ScrapingBypass Proxy mainly deals with the multi-account IP restrictions in fingerprint browsers. Due to website restrictions on the same IP, it is necessary to use ScrapingBypass Proxy. Although fingerprint browsers can simulate device fingerprints, they cannot circumvent IP restrictions. Fingerprint browsers on the market support configuring independent IPs for each browser to ensure more efficient multi-account operations.

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When opening multiple accounts at the same time, most website platforms have implemented IP address restrictions. Frequent access from a single IP address may cause the target website to block access or blacklist it. In order to continue registration and login operations, switching to ScrapingBypass Proxy becomes indispensable. Although the fingerprint browser can simulate the software and hardware fingerprint information of the local device, the IP address information exists at the network level, similar to the inability to simulate router information, so it is not feasible to circumvent IP restrictions through the fingerprint browser.

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In order to solve this problem, fingerprint browsers on the market usually provide the function of configuring independent IPs in each browser. Therefore, getting a perfect Proxy becomes crucial. This ensures that each fingerprint browser has an independent IP address, helping to circumvent IP access restrictions on websites and making multi-account operations more efficient.

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What are the differences in the principles and advantages of fingerprint browsers compared to virtual machines and VPS?

Fingerprint browsers are usually secondary developed based on the open source Chrome browser kernel. By modifying the underlying code parameters, they simulate hardware and software information on multiple devices, including CPU and memory. , graphics card, sound card, browser UA, etc. This operation is intended to create a new browser fingerprint, forming a unique identity, thus improving user privacy and security. Relatively speaking, there are some significant differences from how virtual machines and VPS work.

1. Suitable for low-configuration hosts;
2. Efficiently create unique browser fingerprints;
3. A single fingerprint browser can simulate different configurations, achieve physical isolation of caches and cookies, and effectively prevent association.

1. It is more complicated to use for novices and may cause unnecessary problems. It only simulates the browser and not the operating system, which is limited by the web page;
2. It only simulates the browser and not the operating system, which is limited. On the web;
3. Different brands of fingerprint browsers have different technology research and development capabilities and different degrees of camouflage, which may cause problems.

1. Solve the problem of multiple account association: prevent websites from judging the association through IP address and browser fingerprint, thereby reducing the risk of account ban;
2. Solve the problem of batch registration of accounts: By avoiding the use of ordinary browsers to register, reduce The generation of the same browser fingerprint information reduces the risk of account association;
3. Solve the login problem: Combine with the proxy to assign an independent IP to each browser to achieve isolation of IP and browser, and provide a clean operating environment for the account .

1. How multi-account anti-correlation works and how websites use browser fingerprint tracking;
2. Having basic knowledge of anti-correlation will help you use fingerprint browsers more effectively.

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The excellence of ScrapingBypass Proxy Rotating proxy

Suitable for data collection and the needs of individual Internet users

Unlimited threads unlimited bandwidth

Unlimited threads and unlimited bandwidth

No matter which plan you choose, you will get unlimited concurrent threads and unlimited Rotating Proxy bandwidth, which is perfect for batch multi-tasking work.

Random IP or sticky IP

Random Proxy or sticky Proxy

You can use quick rotation to randomize or keep sticky sessions for up to 2 hours, or you can set the Rotating Proxy time limit through the API.

City-level high-density IP positioning

City-level high-density Proxy positioning

Our Proxy network covers more than 200 countries around the world, and you can target any country/region or city.

Support HTTP and Socks5 protocols

Supported protocols

ScrapingBypass Proxy global rotating Proxy supports HTTP and Socks5 protocols, and is characterized by high speed, stability and high anonymity.

99% IP availability

99% Proxy availability

The success rate of Proxy availability reaches more than 99%, and the average delay is less than 200 milliseconds, ensuring the efficiency of each data collection.

Data package will never expire

The data traffic package never expires

All traffic packages have no time limit, and the traffic purchased once will never expire.

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We have more than 90 Million Residential Proxy and Data Center Proxy around the world. With the help of the most advanced proxy servers, we can solve the IP restriction problems you may encounter in network applications


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90 Million+

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We provide city-level geographical location positioning in more than 200 countries and regions around the world, covering more than 90 Million proxy nodes to meet your Proxy needs in these countries



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